Travel Nurses Can Enroll in Online Classes to Sharpen Skills

Whether you want to enter the nursing career or get advanced certifications, enrolling in online classes can help you advance skills at your own pace and convenience.

According to, there are 5 top online schools for travel nurses to enroll for individual classes or obtain a degree.

Kaplan University – Enroll in classes or obtain an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or a Master’s in nursing degree. Kaplan also offers classes specifically for nurse administrators and nurse educators.

Walden University – Enroll in accredited classes to obtain a degree or add a certification to advance opportunities as a travel nurse.

Indiana State University – Travel nurses can enroll in IU online classes to get LPN to a Bachelor’s degree or obtain a specialization such as family nurse practitioner or nursing education.

Liberty University – Rated as one of the top 10 Online colleges in the nation, according to their Website. Several programs are available for travel nurses and those wanting to enter the nursing career.

South University – Offers a degree program for health professionals to advance their education as well as learn the newest technologies in the healthcare industry.

The advantages of taking classes online are travel nurses do not have to attend traditional classroom lectures, travel nurses only need computer access and internet to participate, and travel nurses have the flexibility to study and submit their assignments when they are available. Although there are usually deadlines for online discussions and assignments, travel nurses can work as little or as much as they like to complete them.


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