Medical Staffing Recruiters Cite the Benefits for Traveling Health Professionals

Medical staffing recruiters offer a few of the benefits for a career in travel nursing.

Insurance – Travel nurses are able to get health and medical insurance quicker than traditional healthcare jobs, which medical staffing recruiters say is one benefit travel nurses like.

Paid Travel & Housing – Medical staffing recruiters say some travel health professionals really enjoy the benefits of having their travel and housing expenses paid, so they can enjoy working around the country.

Choice of Work Locations – Many traveling health professionals really like the opportunity to visit certain cities and states so they can take part in a hobby or interest such as attending sporting events or visiting museums or other attractions.

Learn a New Skill – Traveling health professionals tell medical staffing recruiters that they like being able to learn a new skill at their travel site or get experience in another department, while still working in their assignment.

Medical Staffing recruiters can also help travel nurses  build careers at premiere facilities, which also helps increase their resume if they want to obtain a permanent position at another type of facility.

Medical staffing recruiters recommend nurses and allied health professionals have at least one year’s experience in the nursing field before choosing a travel nursing career and to keep in touch with their medical staffing recruiter regarding availability.


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