Men are Needed for Texas Nursing Jobs Too

Texas Nursing Jobs Need Male Nurses

Texas Nursing Jobs Need Male Nurses

Currently men only comprise about 6-7% of all nursing positions, including Texas nursing jobs. Even with job loss and nursing shortages, men are still in the minority in the nursing field; however, they are strongly encouraged to enter the nursing and medical fields to fulfill the current nurse shortage.

Because men bring a different perspective with Texas nursing jobs as well as other nursing jobs around the country, nursing schools and colleges are looking to fill more nursing jobs with men.

The first recorded male nurse was Friar Juan de Mena, who became shipwrecked off the Texas coast nearly a century before the Pilgrims came to America, according to Male Nurse Magazine’s history of male nurses.

Texas nursing jobs are in need of men as well as across the country.  Men receive the same benefits as women and many even opt to become travel nurses after a year of experience.



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