Medical Staffing Companies are on the Prowl

Job security is a growing concern for many people these days. However, how would you like to know about a career that is expected to grow 27% between now and 2016? Not to mention as many as 18% of jobs are open right now, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And medical staffing companies are on the look out for new employees.

Physical therapists: many of us have been to one, but have you every considered being one?  Medical staffing companies are in great need of physical therapist since the majority of the American population is getting older. Accidents, aches, pains, strokes and surgeries all require the assistance of a physical therapist to help recover.

Medical staffing companies provide a healthy benefits package for traveling nurses and permanent nurse job placements. Some benefits are weekly pay, which can be as much as $50/hr, non-taxable wages, simple IRA and travel allowance.

Many medical staffing companies see many nurses come from different backgrounds such as musicians, teachers and advertising professionals. They are seeking a career change and generally have no background in health practices.

But you can achieve a career in physical therapy within 3-5 years depending if you attend school full-time or part-time. Physical therapy also provides flexible schedules, so you still have time to pursue something else part-time or raise a family. Many scholarships are also available for students.

No matter the path you take to achieve your degree, a career in physical therapy pays off.

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