Travel Nurse Staffing Agency News: 3 Travel Nurse Books Named in 2009 “Best Books” Awards

travelnursestaffingagencyAs an experienced travel nurse staffing agency, we know that a lot of new travel nurses have a lot of questions. Travel nursing is an exciting field, but it can also be in intimidating one, at least at first. That’s why the Advantage Medical Staffing travel nurse staffing agency is always happy to talk with and answer any questions that our nurses may have. We’re also thankful that there are a number of good nursing books that go a long way in exploring the field of travel nursing and the travel nurse staffing agency. That’s why we’re excited that three new nursing books have been named by USA Book News as among the National Best Books of 2009. Here they are:

The Winner in the Health: Reference category—Highway Hypodermics: On the Road Again with Epstein LaRue, RN, BS This is the latest in a series of books for both a travel nurse and a travel nurse staffing agency. This book covers the basics of travel nursing and just about any and all situations and complications that travel nurses can find themselves in. It’s one of the leading guides to travel nursing.

Finalist in Health: Medical Reference—Travel Nurse Insights: A Window to the World of Travel Nursing by Barry W. Padgett with Donna E. Padgett, RN, BSN, Traveler. Barry and Donna Padget have worked as a travel nurse for 8 years, serving everywhere from Boston to Seattle. They’ve been able to record their insights as to what it takes to be a travel nurse. Our travel nurse staffing agency recommends this book to people who are interested in travel nursing, as it tackles a lot of questions that they may have.

Finalist in Health: Medical Reference—Travel Nurse’s Bible (A Guide to Everything on Travel Nursing) by David Morrison. This book is true to its word. It really does cover all the basics of travel nursing. Our travel nurse staffing agency recommends this book to all new travel nurses. You don’t just get the author’s insights, but also those of longtime travel nurses, travel nurse staffing agency CEOs, tax professionals and other health care professionals.

As we said, these are all good books, and great gift ideas for any travel nurse. Are there any other travel nurse books out there that you’d recommend? Let us know!


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