7 Steps to Landing Great Travel Nursing Jobs

lovely doctor 3Travel nursing jobs. The title alone can spur excitement for many working in the nursing profession. But how does one start a travel nursing career? Whether you’re a registered nurse or just someone who is starting nursing school, the path to landing thrilling travel nursing jobs can be confusing. This guide will help describe the steps necessary to starting a great career filled with wonderful travel nursing jobs and experiences.

Step 1: Choose a Staffing Company that Offers Travel Nursing Jobs

Choosing medical staffing recruiters is the first step to starting your career with travel nursing jobs. There are a lot of medical staffing agencies in the United States that a budding travel nurse can choose from, and it’s important that anyone who looking forward to great travel nursing jobs do the appropriate research. Ideally, you want to partner with a medical staffing agency that best suits your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when researching travel nursing companies.

  • Find medical staffing recruiters with a track record. Established medical staffing recruiters will often have the best connections to great travel nursing jobs opportunities. Medical staffing recruiters that have been in business for a number of years will often have the largest selection of travel nursing jobs.
  • Partner with medical staffing recruiters who listen to you. That means they’ll be on hand to listen to you when you tell them what you want. If you want the best travel nursing jobs for you, then you’ll want to connect with medical staffing recruiters who will be receptive to your personal needs and professional ambitions. Be wary of medical staffing recruiters who try to pressure you into taking travel nursing jobs in locations that you aren’t interested in.
  • Search for medical staffing recruiters who are interested in helping your career thrive. These companies will help you line up the travel nursing jobs that will let you advance your career quickly. Some medical staffing recruiters will also be able to connect you to continuing education resources and other programs that will let you develop your professional skills.
  • Talk with others with travel nursing jobs. You can find travel nurses in online forums or in person. Ask them what medical staffing recruiters they would recommend.

Step 2: Apply for Travel Nursing Jobs

Many medical staffing recruiters make it easy to apply online. Keep in mind that simply completing an application for travel nursing jobs doesn’t require you to work with that agency. The very best medical staffing recruiters make their applications available for free.

Step 3: Talk to a Medical Staffing Agency Recruiter

When your application for travel nursing jobs is accepted, you’ll be assigned to a single member on the medical staffing recruiter’s team. This is the person you’ll be working with to find the right travel nursing jobs for you. A good medical staffing agency will partner you with a recruiter that’s interested in matching you the travel nursing jobs that will help you advance your career.

Step 4: Select your Travel Nursing Jobs Assignments

Think about where you want to go for your travel nursing jobs and assignments. Also consider the type of facility you want to work at. Would you prefer to take travel nursing jobs in a large hospital or a in a smaller, private practice? You’ll discuss the advantages of each assignment with your travel nursing jobs recruiter, and you’ll talk about the requirements of each travel nursing jobs position.

Step 5: Conduct a Telephone Interview with Your Preferred Facility

After you narrow down your travel nursing jobs opportunities, you’ll need to conduct a phone interview with someone at the facility. The person who conducts the interviews for travel nursing jobs will usually be the nursing manager. Your recruiter should give you a few interview tips to help you land the travel nursing jobs you want.

Step 6: Accept Your Assignment

After successful travel nursing jobs interviews, you’ll likely to be offered an assignment. If there are any credentialing or licensing requirements for the travel nursing jobs offered, your medical staffing recruiters should help you iron out all the details. You should also expect to be contacted by housing managers who will be able to arrange a living space.

Step 7: Start Your Adventure with Travel Nursing Jobs

Prepare your luggage. Make lists of what you need to take. Go shopping for clothes and any other items you may need. Then it’s time to leave. But don’t worry if you run into any problems you may encounter at your travel nursing jobs. Your recruiter should be keeping in touch and will be able to help you with anything you may need.


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