Travel Nursing Jobs: 2010 Outlook

Whether you’re an experienced travel nurse or someone who is looking to enter the world of travel nursing, it’s always good to take pause at the start of a new year and survey the travel nursing jobs industry. So what does 2010 have in store for travel nursing jobs? You’ll find an excellent article over at Healthcare Traveler about the current state of the travel healthcare industry and travel nursing jobs.

Here are some of the most important facts culled from the article, at least to those who are looking for new travel nursing jobs in 2010:

  • Expect to see the number of travel nursing jobs to steadily grow throughout the year as the economy slowly recovers.
  • While the overall number of travel nursing jobs should grow in 2010, competition for the best travel nursing jobs may remain high. That means travel nurses with less experience may have to be more flexible in the positions they take.
  • Places like Florida, Nevada and Arizona have been hit particularly hard by the housing bubble. Expect those markets to offer fewer travel nursing jobs than were available in years past.

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One Response to “Travel Nursing Jobs: 2010 Outlook”

  1. marie grace s. jacildo Says:

    please look for me a nurse job in nursing homes or hospital

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