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Travel Nursing Pay Questions and Answers

March 21, 2010

travelnursingpayIf you’re the type of nurse who loves travel and new experiences, then isn’t it time for you to uncover what thousands of other registered nurses have already discovered and begin a travel nursing career? In our experience, we know that a lot of nurses really love their jobs and may be reluctant to leave a great nursing position for the fast-paced and constantly-changing life of a travel nurse. But if you have the travel bug, and if you have been looking for easy ways to expand your nursing skills, then travel nursing provides a great solution.

And while travel nursing opportunities sound thrilling, we also know that there’s another big question on the mind of many nurses considering such a career: travel nursing pay rates. Is travel nursing pay less than ordinarily-staffed nurses because they’re only temporary? Or is travel nursing pay more, since travel nurses are in such high demand?

Travel nursing pay will depend on several factors, including geographical location, nurse experience and chosen shift. The good news is that travel nurses can earn up to 10-15% more than permanent nursing positions. And remember, you’re housing and other expenses will be covered. When you partner with Advantage Medical Staffing, our travel nurse recruiter will work hard to match you to a position that you’ll love. We’ll be able to find positions that offer the travel nursing pay options that are suitable for you.


Question: What do I need to do before leaving on a travel nurse assignment?

August 7, 2009
Advantage Medical Staffing has answers for all your travel nurse questions

Advantage Medical Staffing has answers for all your travel nurse questions


If you know the exact date you will be leaving for your first travel nurse assignment, then it is a good idea to have your mail forwarded to your new housing address. You can give the post office start and stop dates for mail forwarding. It may take up to a week to get your mail at your new location, so make arrangements with any monthly bills you have to pay beforehand.

Inform your nursing staffing agency of your travel dates, so they can inform the employer when to expect you as well as how to reach you during transit. Also, tell your family and friends of your new assignment address, phone number, travel route and where to reach you in case of an emergency as well as the number of your nursing staffing agency. Carry a cell phone and car charger with you at all times; you may need to call someone during transit if you have an emergency.

Carry a folder to hold all your travel expenses, receipts, professional licenses, CEUs, uniform cost and cleaning, fuel for your car, airfare and lodging. Having an organized folder for keeping all these items will save you at tax time.

Finally, it is best to have enough money for meals, fuel, and incidentals for at least two weeks. If you have not set up a bank account at your new location or if you do not have direct deposit, your paychecks may be delayed and you’ll be without accessible funds.

Question: As a travel nurse, do I have to accept an assignment right away after one ends?

August 5, 2009


No you do not have to take another assignment right away. As a travel nurse you can take a break between assignments whether it is for one week, two weeks or more, and then choose your next assignment.

Travel nursing
is not only a great opportunity to explore new places and work assignments, but you also are able to plan your vacation between assignments. A great recruiter will however follow up with you and talk about your plans before your assignment ends so there is a smooth transition if you want to take advantage of another assignment right away and the many bonuses and rewards that are often times offered for taking another assignment right away. The option is yours!