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Travel Nursing Job & Requirements – Obtaining Licensure

June 15, 2009

Many colleges, universities and specialized schools offer nursing as a degree and certificate programs, but the pass rate for the nursing license should also be considered before committing to an institution.

Although the pass rate for first time nursing license test takers is about 87% nationwide, some colleges and schools have seen a significant drop with their students passing the first time. Case in point, were 50% of  nursing graduates from Apollo College in Las Vegas and the Univeristy of Southern Nevada who failed the state nursing licensure exam in 2008 on their first try.

Now administrators are taking a closer look at the quality of nursing programs as well as admission requirements, certified nursing educators and student support.

Whether you choose an online nursing program or campus degree program, ensure the quality and support is first notch including the nursing licensure exam pass rate.

If you want to qualify for the best travel nurse jobs and fulfilling one of the travel nursing requirements is being certified in at least one specific field.