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How a Series of Travel Nursing Jobs Allowed One RN See the World

May 22, 2010

There’s a great story at Nursevillage about RN  Rodney Daly and the experiences that a decade of working on a series of travel nursing jobs in Colorado, California, Ohio, Washington and even Russia have brought him.

By working on travel nursing jobs over the years, Daly has been able do a range of different things. That’s given Daly the chance to learn new skills, meet new people and visit incredible places. Daly has started writing a book about his experiences on travel nursing jobs.

Travel nursing jobs give RNs the chance to work where they want and when they want. If you’d like to learn more about travel nursing jobs, then contact Advantage Medical Staffing today. Our travel nursing jobs experts can provide you with all the information you need to decide whether launching a career of travel nursing jobs is right for you.


Travel Nursing Agencies in Texas News: Can a Cell Phone App Diagnose the Flu?

December 11, 2009

As one of the leading travel nursing agencies in Texas, part of our job is keeping up on the latest developments in the world of health care. Every once and a while, we get to coma across something so interesting that we think everyone, whether they’re travel nurses or not, will want to hear about.

A recent article on CNET News explores the possibility of using a cell phone to diagnose colds and flus. It works via an application that can record the quality of a person’s cough. Trained travel nurses can already tell whether a cough is productive or unproductive (aka “dry” or “wet) by listening closely. A company called Star Analytical Services is working on the application that tries to do the same thing.

Here’s how the app works: once it’s installed onto the phone, a user can record his or her cough. That recording is then instantly compared with a vast database that lists coughs of people from both genders, and various ages and weights.

Of course, like many travel nursing agencies in Texas, we noted that an application like this could raise some issues. While all travel nurses and travel nursing agencies in Texas know that certain respiratory illnesses have distinct-sounding coughs, can comparing a a single cough sample to a database really be effective in diagnosing an illness? For example, a heavy smoker or an asthmatic will have a cough that sounds differently.

If anything, this program can offer an educated guess. But it doesn’t look like a program, at this point, can be as effective as an actual travel nurse when it comes to telling people how ill they are.

Travel Nursing Staffing Agency Shows Significant Growth

August 1, 2009

Fresh off the presses….Advantage Medical Staffing shows growth and offers an opportunity to move to a larger office in Lubbock, TX.

Trends in the economy and the medical industry have led to a demand for less permanent positions and more temporary assignments. This matches perfectly with an increasing number of medical personnel looking for more flexibility and variety in their careers. For these reasons and more, Advantage Medical Staffing, a travel nursing staffing agency, has seen growth which has led to moving to a larger location.

Advantage Medical Staffing (AMS) has seen steady growth over the past few years and now offers placement nationwide for travel nurses in both permanent placement and per diem opportunities. This growth has led to the need for a larger facility. The new facility will allow for improved customer service as more representatives are brought on. Plus, the new location has nearby freeway access which will help visiting clients and candidates.

Read the entire press release at PRNewswire.

Q: I Signed with a Travel Nursing Staffing Agency, How Do I Decide Where to go?

July 24, 2009

Choose Top Destination Cities with a Travel Nursing Staffing Agency

Answer: Congratulations! You have made the first step toward an exciting career of travel nursing. Choosing where you want to go will be one of the questions the travel nursing staffing agency will ask you as well.

There are several factors in deciding your first travel nursing destination.

  • Each travel nurse assignment is approximately 13 weeks long, so you do not need to worry about planning where you want to go months in advance.
  • Suppose you have a family member whom you haven’t seen in awhile, you could select a location near them so you can have time to visit and form a relationship. Additionally, you may know of a sick relative who needs assistance, so you can choose a destination from your nursing staffing agency nearby.
  • Dreamed of visiting the Grand Canyon or the Rio Grande? Would you like to vacation in Hawaii or near Wine Country? Ask your travel nursing staffing agency about jobs near these destinations.
  • Do you want to escape the Texas or New Mexico summer heat? Ask about a travel nursing job in Minnesota or Oregon where the summers are more tolerable.
  • Ask your travel nursing staffing agency recruiter about top destinations or ask other travel nurses where they like to travel and work.

Wherever you go, remember you can take a break between assignments and then decide where you want to go next. Travel nursing is a great opportunity to explore new places and work assignments.

Medical Staffing Companies List State Licensing Locations

June 19, 2009

Whether you’re fresh out of nursing school, looking to change locations, or a veteran travel nurse who needs to update his/her license, most medical staffing companies provide a list of state licensing boards and Websites.

Find if your current license is valid in other states and requirements for obtaining a nursing license in each state.

Follow the link for every state’s licensing board to get the most current nursing license test and information as well as nursing schools.