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5 iPhone Applications that will Help Travel Nurses Stay in Touch with Friends, Family, Colleagues and Medical Staffing Agencies

August 30, 2010

As longtime medical staffing recruiters, we know how much travel nurses care about keeping in touch. Those with travel nursing jobs typically have a lot of people that they need to stay in contact with: family, friends, hospitals and medical facilities and their medical staffing recruiters.

Because part of a travel nurse’s life is moving frequently across the country, the need to stay connected is crucial. The good news is that the latest smartphones come with an enticing array of tools that can help you keep in touch with the people to your professional and personal life. If you have an iPhone, here are 5 key applications that will make easier to team up with traveling medical staffing recruiters like ours and achieve travel success.

  • TripChill: This is a useful mobile travel application that can help you, your colleagues at medical staffing recruiters and clinics, and your friends on top of your travel status.
  • Trips: Want to know about flight delays ASAP? Who doesn’t? This application will do that and alert you to other crucial breaking travel information.
  • roadtrippr: Ever get assignments from medical staffing recruiters that take you off the beaten path? This application will help you find great and interesting places that not everyone knows about.
  • iPhone Travel: This popular application makes it easy for you to find great deals on top airfare, hotel rooms, dining and a lot more. It can help you save big.
  • Travelocity: This popular Website has now released an app that can also help you find hotels and great airfare deals.
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    Medical Staffing Companies Will See Record Growth Over Next Seven Years

    June 29, 2009

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, staffing agencies including medical staffing companies estimate that approximately 700,000 will be added by 2016, making it the second largest job-growth industry in the United States. This is indeed, exciting news for travel nurses and allied health professionals alike.

    Despite the half million jobs that were cut in June 2009, medical staffing companies will only see growth in the coming months and years, if not already. Flexibility of work time and location make travel nurses one of the more desirable fields to enter and stay in during the slow economy. Moreover, health professionals want to work with medical staffing companies, clinics and hospitals need to fill positions and medical staffing agencies will keep the economy running.

    Read more about the benefits of staffing firms including medical staffing companies in the American Staffing 2009, the ASA annual economic analysis. Then call or visit Advantage Medical Staffing to start your career as a travel nurse today! Jobs are available throughout Texas and across the nation.