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Travel Nursing Jobs: Hospital Nurses Have Diverse Jobs

September 16, 2010

Travel nursing jobs include working as a hospital nurse.

Travel nursing jobs include working as a hospital nurse.

Hospital nurses are needed frequently and as far as travel nursing jobs, this is one position that has both a variety of responsibilities and diversity. As a hospital nurse, you will be assigned to a particular floor or unit to care for patients with a variety of ailments and conditions.

Travel nursing jobs at hospitals vary from newborn infants, geriatric care to patients with a terminal illness. These nurses are the bridge between patients and doctors to the families. A hospital nurse is responsible for providing not only information, but also treatment and follow-up care for patients.

These travel nursing jobs may also assist with surgery, anesthesia, tend to vital signs and other records as well as observe symptoms and make reports to the attending physician. The greatest responsibility is serving as the doctor’s eyes as well as the patient’s voice.

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Benefits Of Using a Medical Staffing Agency

June 7, 2010

Recent studies have shown that the nursing profession in America continues to grow at an exponential rate. The Department of Health and Human Services reported the estimated number of registered nurses was 3.1 million between 2004 and 2008. Now more than ever an experienced medical staffing agency is needed to cater to the increasing employment demands of nurses and other talented healthcare professionals.

An experienced medical staffing agency can have a lot to offer an eager healthcare professional looking for work. An established medical staffing firm should be an expert in recognizing skills and attributes that make medical professionals successful on the job. A medical staffing firm will assign a health care applicant their own personal recruiter. The recruiter will then administer personality and character assessment tests to the health care applicant, and help them find a work environment they can flourish in.

No matter where you live in the U.S., Advantage Medical Staffing can help you find the best per diem nursing jobs across the country. Call us today at 866 687 1997 to jump-start your nursing career today!

Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Month is Medical Staffing Agency CEO

September 4, 2009

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors are one of the most recognizable Chamber groups in the community. With more than 150 volunteers, the Ambassadors attend all the ribbon cuttings and ground breakings for businesses, as well as serve as the welcome crew for Business After Hours, New Member Breakfast, and Mega Marketing. This month the Ambassador highlight is Molly Harris, who’s been an active Ambassador for five years. Molly works for Advantage Medical Staffing, where she is the CEO of the Lubbock location, which is at 8008 Slide Road, Unit 20. She started with the company 12 years ago as a part-timer, worked her way up to branch manager and then five years ago opened the business here in Lubbock. She loves her job because it is not only fun (bonus), but rewarding every single day. Molly said she loves being a part of the Ambassadors because she enjoys meeting new people and welcoming businesses to the Chamber.

“I love that we promote the Chamber and the community through the Ambassador program,” Molly said. “But even more I love the friendships that I have built. These volunteers have the biggest hearts!”

Molly currently serves as an Ambassador team captain and most recently her Ambassador team has been collecting school back packs to donate to CASA. Molly also stays busy serving on the Hub City BBQ Committee, hosting Business After Hours, helping with Mega Marketing, volunteering for Woodystock and at the Southwest Regional Medical Facility for a disaster drill.

In her free time, Molly enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as reading, hanging out at the lake, and traveling. Molly has two Scottish Terriers, Lilly & Roxie, who she says are her kids and require tons of love and attention!

Unleash the Travel Bug – Sign on with a Medical Staffing Agency and Get Paid to Travel

August 21, 2009

Many of us are itching to get out of the summer heat or may want to go to some warmer climate during the bitter winter season. You can do both when you signup with a dedicated and experience medical staffing agency, who will place you where you want to go.

You don’t have be a seasoned nurse or health professional to reap the benefits of traversing across deserts, plains and mountain ranges to become a travel nurse.

Advantage Medical Staffing Agency only requires that you have at least one year of experience in acute care experience; however for more specialized fields, two years of experience are required.

Positions are now available in pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and more. You choose the location and we’ll get you the placement. If you want to stay ask for an extension or decide to go somewhere different after your 13 week assignment. It’s up to you!

Apply online today or talk to one of our professional staff at our friendly medical staffing agency, Advantage Medical Staffing.

Types of Nurses Medical Staffing Agencies Recruit

June 25, 2009
Medical Staffing Agencies Recruit Many Types of Nurses

Medical Staffing Agencies Recruit Many Types of Nurses

The nursing profession has several different types of nurses, and many if not all types, are needed by medical staffing agencies to fill thousands of positions across the country and the world.

Consider where you would like to work and that will determine what level of education or certification you will need as well as the classification. For example, if you are interested in working with children, then a pediatric nurse may fit for you. Medical staffing agencies need pediatric nurses not only in physician offices, but also hospitals.

Other opportunities for nurses include clinics – both public and private, hospices, intensive care, emergency rooms, private and public schools, government agencies and other corporations. Within these locations, female and male nurses can work in specialty professions such as Allergy and Immunology, Anesthesiology, Dermatology, which may include plastic and cosmetic surgery and some spas, internal medicine, family medicine, radiology, psychiatry, and more.

After you have researched the different specialties, you’ll need to know what type of education or certification is required. There are several certifications nurses can obtain throughout their careers, and one can always add a certification to make oneself more qualified to work in other areas. There are three roads to become a nurse: 1) earn a diploma from an accredited nursing program or hospital, 2) an associate’s degree (ADN), or 3) a bachelor’s degree (BSN). Additional certificates are available too; however, the most important step in becoming a nurse is passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Register Nurses (NCLEX-RN) or Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

Whether you want to work as a Registered nurse (RN), who has completed at least a 2 year degree in nursing, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or an Advanced Practice Registered nurse (APRN), which are those who have completed the most education, medical staffing agencies need nurses to fill many types of positions throughout the States and even the world.

Contact Advantage Medical Staffing, an exceptional medical staffing agency, to find a position to fit your expertise and education today!