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Travel RN Nursing Jobs: 2010 Outlook, Part 2

June 19, 2010

In our last blog post, we discussed a recent Healthcare Traveler article about the state of the travel health care industry and the how that landscape looked for travel RN nursing jobs. We got a lot of positive feedback, so we thought we’d use this blog post to spend some time discussing what travel nurses should do to make sure that their 2010 is a successful one.

  1. Remember that while the overall number of travel RN nursing jobs is expected to grow this year, staying flexible and open to new experiences is also recommended. The economy is showing some signs of recovery, but the overall process may take awhile. Until then, those looking for travel RN nursing jobs should remain flexible with regards to their location and their contract length.
  2. The most successful travel nurses will be the ones who stay prepared. The best travel RN nursing jobs will go to those who have their paperwork in order. That means keeping up on immunizations and certifications is key.
  3. Start your search for new travel RN nursing positions early. It’s not too soon to start looking for a new position 6 weeks or so before your current position ends. That will help your medical staffing agency find the travel RN nursing jobs that are the best fit for you.
  4. Expect competition for the best travel RN nursing jobs to remain high. How to get a leg up on the competition? Take the time to have a great resume prepared, and take the opportunity to learn as many new skills as you can.

Most health care experts expect the industry to grow in 2010, so the most important thing is to not get discouraged. Everything that has made travel RN nursing jobs so popular–the great pay, the opportunity to meet new people in new places, and the chance to learn new things–are still there. And there is still a nationwide shortage of nurses. That means that travel RN nursing jobs remain some of the best opportunities, even in a tough economy.


How a Series of Travel Nursing Jobs Allowed One RN See the World

May 22, 2010

There’s a great story at Nursevillage about RN  Rodney Daly and the experiences that a decade of working on a series of travel nursing jobs in Colorado, California, Ohio, Washington and even Russia have brought him.

By working on travel nursing jobs over the years, Daly has been able do a range of different things. That’s given Daly the chance to learn new skills, meet new people and visit incredible places. Daly has started writing a book about his experiences on travel nursing jobs.

Travel nursing jobs give RNs the chance to work where they want and when they want. If you’d like to learn more about travel nursing jobs, then contact Advantage Medical Staffing today. Our travel nursing jobs experts can provide you with all the information you need to decide whether launching a career of travel nursing jobs is right for you.

Travel Nursing Agencies in Texas News: Can a Cell Phone App Diagnose the Flu?

December 11, 2009

As one of the leading travel nursing agencies in Texas, part of our job is keeping up on the latest developments in the world of health care. Every once and a while, we get to coma across something so interesting that we think everyone, whether they’re travel nurses or not, will want to hear about.

A recent article on CNET News explores the possibility of using a cell phone to diagnose colds and flus. It works via an application that can record the quality of a person’s cough. Trained travel nurses can already tell whether a cough is productive or unproductive (aka “dry” or “wet) by listening closely. A company called Star Analytical Services is working on the application that tries to do the same thing.

Here’s how the app works: once it’s installed onto the phone, a user can record his or her cough. That recording is then instantly compared with a vast database that lists coughs of people from both genders, and various ages and weights.

Of course, like many travel nursing agencies in Texas, we noted that an application like this could raise some issues. While all travel nurses and travel nursing agencies in Texas know that certain respiratory illnesses have distinct-sounding coughs, can comparing a a single cough sample to a database really be effective in diagnosing an illness? For example, a heavy smoker or an asthmatic will have a cough that sounds differently.

If anything, this program can offer an educated guess. But it doesn’t look like a program, at this point, can be as effective as an actual travel nurse when it comes to telling people how ill they are.

Preparing for Travel RN Nursing Jobs Begins with Nursing Exam Test

September 25, 2009

If you’re looking for a new direction in your career. We encourage all interested persons to consider the nursing field and travel nursing. With more positions available than any other field, you’ll be surprised that nurses are needed in a variety of locations throughout the U.S. and around the world.

The first step is to research quality nursing schools or higher education institutions that offer nursing classes and degrees. Then you’ll want to study for the NCLEX-RN exam for Registered Nurses. There are also other nursing exams available depending on your level of classes and degree.

The NCLEX-RN exam is application based, which not only tests your knowledge, but also your critical thinking skills in certain nursing situations. Whether you choose the career path of a traditional nurse or travel RN nursing jobs, you’ll need to be familiar with the NCLEX-RN exam questions and appropriate answers to pass this intensive test.

According to the Kaplan Medical Website, when preparing to take the NCLEX-RN you should take note of your strengths and weaknesses to maximize your preparation time. If you are familiar with health maintenance questions, but not pharmacological agents, then you will know which section you’ll need to study more. Whether you have finished a nursing class or RN degree or have waited a few weeks or even months, you will want to get the right study aids to help you successfully pass the RN exam.

As travel RN nursing jobs become more in demand, medical facilities will continue to look for RNs who have excelled beyond their peers as well as continued their education or gained additional nursing certificates.

Don’t let the NCLEX-RN exam be the bump in the road for your career goals. Plan, prepare and pass with confidence!

Men and Women Should Have a Portfolio When Applying for Travel Nursing Jobs

July 29, 2009

Nursing has been a traditionally female dominated career as well as a commonly held stereotype that nursing is for women only. With the ever rising shortage of nurses, male and female, the nursing staffing agencies as well as nursing schools are strongly encouraging more men to join the profession and also fill travel nurse jobs throughout the country.

Men receive the same benefits as women including health insurance, nursing pay, advancement opportunities and many even opt to become travel nurses after a year of experience in the field. Medical staffing agencies employ thousands of men and women every year in hospitals, private physicians’ offices, medical labs and schools; men and women are needed for every type of travel nurse job throughout the country.

Not only should men have a current and impeccable resume when applying for a travel nursing job, but they should also carry a portfolio. Most portfolios contain professional licenses, CEU’s completed, professional recommendations, a written record of personal values and beliefs about nursing and competency of one’s skills in the field. One of the critical elements of a portfolio is the person’s reflection of the theory, evidence, actions and experience of caring for a patient and interactions with family members.

When men choose a medical staffing agency for a travel nurse job, a portfolio can be an important component for placement with a medical staffing agency recruiter. More clients of medical staffing agencies are looking for portfolios which provide a living document of an applicant’s competency, skills and experience to share with their clients.